Key information regarding the European championships 2021


Date: Sunday 20th of June 2021

Starting time: 9:30am

Starting location: Evolène

Welcome, registration and plate number : Evolène,  tourism office. Friday from 4pm to 5pm and Saturday from 4pm to 7pm.

Bag transportation : A bag transportation service between the departure in Evolène and the arrival in Les Haudères will be set up.

Neutralization : 2:00 pm at Les Haudères, 2:45 pm at La Forclaz and 3:30 at l’Orvelle. Neutralized runners are classified in a separate ranking according to their time in Les Haudères.

Award ceremony : from 3:30 pm in Les Haudères

Race regulation : Wearing a helmet is mandatory.
UCI rules prevail.

Technical guide

Any image taken during the Raid Evolenard may be used for promotional purposes; if you do not accept this clause, please inform us in writing before the event at the following address: Raid Evolénard, Rte de Sion 27, 1983 Evolène.

In case of dispute, the French version shall prevail.

Insurance : At the expense of each participant. The organization declines all responsibility in case of accident, fall, loss, theft, damage, etc…

Men Elite & Master track < M50 : 78km, 3900m D+

Download file: euroxcm21_77km.gpx

Based on the marathon course of the Raid Evolénard, the European championship route is just longer, more technical and more spectacular!

With a first loop around Evolène, spectators will be in the front row to follow the first attacks!

The organizers have also done their utmost to ensure that the runs are on trails rather than roads. 

No doubt that the winners will have earned their jerseys!

Beware, passages on roads open to traffic

Elite woman track : 70km, 3420m D+

Download file: euroxcm21_70km.gpx

Designed for women’s categories, this course is, with a few exceptions, an exact copy of the Raid Evolénard marathon course.

The first difference is the loop around Evolène which will allow spectators to see live what happens after the 5km race. 

The first descent is done on a rather technical single instead of taking a 4×4 route.

On the second loop, a passage on a single trail in the direction of Ferpècle also adds difficulty in a tough section of the race.

Attention, passages on roads open to traffic

Woman Master & Man Master >=M50 track : 65km, 2992m D+

Download file: euroxcm21_master.gpx

Intended for the women’s master’s and men’s master’s categories over 50 years old, this course corresponds to the 70km course. Instead of attacking the last 4km bump, the runners go directly to the bottom of the valley.

Attention, passages on roads open to traffic

Key spots of the European track

Categories and registration fees:

CatégorieDistancesHeures de départPrix Early Bird
-> 31.03.2021
Prix Regular
-> 07.06.2021
Dames élite70km9h0050.-60.-
Dames Master65km9h0550.-60.-
Hommes Master >=M5065km9h1050.-60.-
Hommes élite78km9h4550.-60.-
Hommes Master 78km9h5050.-60.-

Register early !

The registration for the Raid Evolenard are open !

By registering before mid of March, you will get:

  • A preferential rate
  • An assortment of local products as souvenir prizes (only for online registration)
  • 50% off a Reep Performance posture test (upon presentation of the registration confirmation)
  • The opportunity to sweat in a beautiful setting, with access to many quality refreshment stations along the way!